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Great wines & home cooking

At Legligin, we take pride in showcasing the rich tapestry of Maltese cuisine. Drawing inspiration from old family recipes, our menu offers homey Mediterranean dishes crafted from the finest locally sourced ingredients. From tenderly cooked fish infused with the fragrant flavours of local thyme and rosemary to hearty stews simmered to perfection, each dish is a celebration of Maltese culinary heritage. 95% of the produce we use is procured from local farmers and suppliers and our wine list leans heavily on local wines.

And with our eclectic collection of mismatched plates adding a touch of whimsy to the dining experience, a meal at Legligin is meant to bring back memories of visiting your Maltese grandma's house, where warmth and hospitality abound. Join us as we invite you to savour the essence of Malta through every bite and sip.


Authentic Maltese Cuisine at Legligin

Nestled within the historic walls of Valletta and carved into the very stone that defines the city, Legligin has been a beloved fixture for 18 years, making it one of the longest-running eateries in Valletta.
What began as a humble one-man operation has blossomed into a cherished family-run establishment, with two generations working side by side to deliver an unparalleled Maltese dining experience.

Let us feed you, the Legligin way - with quality, local, seasonal produce
What’s ‘Legligin’ even mean?

Legligin, "the gluggers" in the Maltese language; an onomatopoeic name, coined in times of old when men would gather to glug wine out of goblets after work. It plays on the sound of wine pouring and glugging out of the bottle, or wine being gulped down.


Family run for 18 years

Originally Legligin was a one man show, where Chris Mifsud Bonnici did everything - cook from home and prep as much as possible, and handle service, single handedly. This was 2007 and wine bars were sprouting up everywhere in Malta - all the same, Chris wanted to be different and serve fantastic wines, but paired with great food too.

He started Legligin drawing inspiration from his mother's cooking - simple food, quality ingredients, the best locally grown thyme and rosemary, slow cooking on low heat, and to this day, we are proud to serve homey, Mediterranean, and typically Maltese food.


A constant evolution

Just like the restaurant operation, which evolved from a one-man show to a family operation, our decor wasn't planned, set, or styled; it organically developed and from just 7 tables in a single room, Legligin saw multiple premises extensions which created literally more rooms. Today the restaurant has 3 rooms which can be used as separate dining rooms or closed for private functions.

Our trademark is our plates - all different, none matching, an eclectic collection where each plate brings its own backstory to the table.


Being in the heart of Valletta, we believe we have a responsibility to be ambassadors to Maltese food & wine, and a duty push the local product as far as it can go, with pride.


Kind words from our guests

Difficult to find words to describe such a magnificent experience.
The food, service and ambiance were all exceptional and all we had to do was pick the wine. This is Art.

Great tasting menu and excellent wine flight served with interesting history and knowledge of the wines. I don't often leave reviews but I would recommend this.

Beautiful food and service, I let them know when l booked that lam a vegetarian with a nut allergy and they made me a beautiful and abundant tasting menu.
Absolutely delicious.

A journey through the cuisine of Malta in a cozy space, warm service and great dishes.
An absolutely wonderful experience at a very reasonable price.

Zak ReidInstructor, Skate Nao

Amazing food and service.
The food was delicious and paired well with the wine.
The sommelier was especially nice and
entertaining with a fantastic knowledge of the wine. The food came quick and there was great attention to detail.


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